Our project has just begun to take its first steps, and we also need your help, because any project cannot exist without depositing money in it ..
Support for the project will never be free of charge, which means that for helping the project, each participant will receive bonuses or, as everyone is accustomed to, Altenes during the CBT / MBT.

You can help the project by depositing funds in one of the wallets:

Via DANA : 081322219620
Via BRI : 3669-01-030336-53-5 A/N MUHAMAD ROI
Via BCA : 1390727093 A/N MUHAMAD ROI
Via OCBC NISP : 693810325540 A/N MUHAMAD ROI

Konfirmasi setelah transfer

If you not from Indonesia You can pay USD Via OCBC NISP : 693810325540 A/N MUHAMAD ROI Do not forget to indicate your username in the comments to the payment, this will help you purchase bonuses on our server!

» Fitur;
» Auto Level 95, Auto Awakening;
» Tiap Hari bagi Bagi cash;
» Auto Sultan;
» Acc Baru ;
» Perubahan Drop untuk Rune Dragon Nest;
» Pill Exp Coloseum di NPC Mocha;
» Fiture Enchant untuk Jade Kuning Dan Jade Ancient;
» Resset Nest 3 Hari sekali;
» dan banyak lagi;